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Protective Clothing Suppliers: Personal Protective Equipment & Clothing also called PPE is essential to the productivity of your company anywhere in South Africa. As it ensures safety for your employees, protects you against any liability arising from incidents related to lack of proper PPE. And it helps maximise production, since your employees will be confident enough to carry out the task at hand.

Why is Protective Clothing important in the Work Place?

PPE can be as one of the additional ways of controlling risks to work health and safety.

Protective Clothing also provides for the safety and reduces a workers exposure to hazards, when administrative and engineering controls cannot reduce the risks to acceptable levels. The practice of using protective work wear has a hierarchy of control that provides a framework that ranks the type of hazard for risk reduction. The type of hazard, area of body protected and type of accessory or garment categorize protective work wear.

Protective Clothing


At Bohlabela Clothing Manufacturers and Supplies, we always ensure that our products are made to conform to appropriate manufacturing standards, while maintaining quality and durability.


Our Protective Clothing and work wear in manufactured in South Africa and can be manufactured for specific industries and objective such as for structural firefighting, hazardous material handling, visibility on work site, mining, electrical, policing and many more.


We use durable proudly South African materials, for the intended use. And we have been successful in identifying raw local material producers and resellers who offer good quality, durable and reasonably priced material. This ensures that we have uninterrupted production of Protective Clothing.


And together with our in-house QC system, you can be confident of the best service in town.

Maintaining our customers’ Personal Protective Clothing quality is central to delivering best value. Our products are also easily maintainable, due to the instructions attached. We strive to manufacture to the best of our ability. And since we manufacture protective clothing in-house, we offer our products at reasonable prices.

Whether you represent a governmental or private agency anywhere in South Africa, we have the solution to suit your project, and help you make sure all your employees are appropriately geared up for it.

Click on these items to check out our Protective Clothing range below;

2 Piece Conti-Suit.

Chem Splash Suit.

2 Piece Boiler Suit.


Fire Retardant Suit.

Dust/ Lab Coats.



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