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Bulk Bags – If you are looking for the best bulk handling solutions for your business, you are at the right place- Bohlabela Clothing Manufacturers and Supplies South Africa.

Bulk bagsFIBC are used to handle over ¼ billion tons of product each year and is used to store and move products as varied as cereals to powdered chemicals to animal feeds. Bulk Bags can have a capacity of up to 3m³, and load capability of up to 2 tons. Bulk bags are highly cost effective, easily recyclable and ideal for virtually any free-flowing granule, powder, pellet or flake.

Our Bulk Bags are made in South Africa from flexible woven polypropylene and are an economical and efficient way to package, store and handle products.

Bulk bags reduce shipping and transport costs, maximise storage space and improve flow control.

Bulk Bags South Africa

FLEXIBLE – A woven polypropylene Bulk bag – FIBC is mainly used for the shipping, handling and storing of dry, products.

This type of packaging product is normally used in the following sectors;

  • Mining
  • Agricultural
  • Export
  • Mineral
  • Chemical
  • Shipping
  • Food
  • Construction

Bohlabela Clothing Manufacturers and Supplies can provide you with Bulk Bags that will allow for maximum shipping efficiency anywhere in South Africa, and compact to a fraction of their filled size when empty for storage efficiency
COST EFFECTIVE – We offer many custom-designed Bulk bags containers as well as an extensive supply of economical in-stock bulk bags, providing the best bulk packaging products and services available to enhance customer productivity and reduce overall packaging costs throughout the supply chain.
Our bulk bags are designed to sizes and shapes customized to specific needs of individual clients.

The best quality woven Polypropylene material is used in all our products, in conjunction with our stringent quality management process.

Together with our human resource policy of retaining well qualified Bulk Bag  manufacturing staff we can deliver solutions each every time, on time and within a client’s budget.

At Bohlabela Clothing Manufacturers and Supplies – Bulk Bags South Africa, we understand what enterprises need to succeed and compete in today’s markets

Bohlabela Bulk bags South Africa is fully complaint with BEE requirements.

At Bohlabela Clothing Manufacturers and Supplies, we recognize not only the importance of being able to provide the correct technical advice. But also the importance of being able to deliver goods and services on time, every time. As such all of our activities are driven from our customer’s perspective. And are underpinned by our key objective.

No matter how big or small you product, Bohlabela Clothing Manufacturers and Supplies can help safely package it.

Call us today, or visit our factory to find out about our products and prices to suite your industrial requirements.

Bohlabela Bulk Bags