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From Industrial packaging to work wear, we have a solution to suite your needs.

Environmentally Conscious

We don't emit harmful gases as bi-products. We also use recyclable materials.

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Our efficiency is what makes us one of a kind. We Deliver on time, every-time".

Ongoing Remote Support

We continuously keep our clients in contact with regards shipments & product info.


Welcome to Bohlabela Clothing Manufacturers & Supplies Ltd – South Africa’s Leading FIBC Bulk Bags and Clothing Manufacturing Company.


Clothing Manufacturers & Supplier of Bulk Bags: Bohlabela  has domestic production of Bulk bags, Personal Protective Clothing and School uniforms in South Africa. We can offer you the confidence of an uninterrupted supply source of Polypropylene Bulk Bags with virtually limitless capacity.

 Bohlabela Clothing Manufacturers & Supplies

Bohlabela Clothing Manufacturers & Supplies has a facility that is also capable of manufacturing and distributing small to large quantities of products. Protective Clothing and School Uniforms can be manufactured and supplied anywhere in and around South Africa. All other associated products and services in all market segments throughout South Africa is also possible.


Bohlabela now stands in the marketplace as the leading community-based initiative and manufacturer of Polypropylene Bulk Bags, School Uniforms and Protective Clothing in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa. This has been achieved through continually refining and improving our service offering, as well as bringing to the market new products and services from the worlds leading product producers.

Why Bohlabela Clothing Manufacturers & Supplies?

Bohlabela Clothing Manufacturers & Supplies


At Bohlabela Clothing Manufacturers & Supplies, we recognize not only the importance of being able to provide the correct technical advice, but also the importance of being able to deliver goods and services on time, every time. As such, all of our activities are driven from our customer’s perspective, and are underpinned by our key objective.